Friday, December 12, 2008


I am not a fan of the word blog. It sounds like whomever is speaking the word is having trouble throwing up. From here on out if I need to refer to a "blog" I will say weblog or journal.

I am also a busy person so I may not be able to post within my weblog every day. I have so many crafty things going on that I always have something to do.

I feel old. I am trying not to be like my mom. She refused to leave the 60's and she didn't appreciate anything I appreciated as a child because she couldn't understand those things. Since I haven't had a weblog (when I hear "blog" in my head it sounds something like bluhg) I decided it is time to start one. With all the crafting I do and how hard it has been to find info on doing some of them, I thought it would be helpful to share my knowledge as it comes. And to share my trials and tribulations along the way might help others know that trying something new isn't so bad. You can't say you can't do something until you actually try it. You can't just imagine trying to do something, think it's too hard and write it off as a fact that you can't do it. We are all beginners at something and some of those things we were beginners at we all got good at. Though some people need to go back to square one and take some driving lessons. The blinker isn't that hard to find! And the left lane of a highway is for passing, not simply driving.